Lent Log: Day 3

Happy Ash Wednesday to all my fellow Western Catholics! Did you get ash tagged? I sure hope so.

Today was a long day for me. But productive non the less. Happy Valentine’s Day! I spent the morning after class distracting myself from hunger by making some Valentine e-cards on Letter Glow, a photo editing app. After sending those out I took it easy in the library. I was lucky to find a large round table in a corner with a couch on one side. That was my hub for the day since I didn’t have class until 6pm. So when I got out of my morning class at 10am I went to hunker down in the library.

My friends filtered in and out throughout the day and from 3-5:30pm I got a lot of work done. Finished a paper, wrote some emails, even read some technical papers for a class.

I had packed 2 sandwiches for the day. I successfully fasted for the third day! At 12:02 I is my first sandwich, then I ate my second sandwich at 4pm. In between I nibbled on some delicious green grapes. The whole day I was craving chocolate. JoycefullyJoyce was telling me I felt those cravings just because it’s Valentine’s Day, but no, I have been craving chocolate for a while. No worries, when I got home I ate chocolate and was so satisfied. Now I’m craving Arby’s curly fries and honey mustard…

On top of being productive, my night class let out an hour and a half early! I was so relived! This whole day I was dreading my night class, Large Scale Software Engineering. I even debated going home but my mom told me that I would be way too temped to skip my night class if I came home for a couple hours before heading jack to campus at 5:30pm.

So I didn’t, I chilled in the library at my cozy table. And coming home early made me so happy.

I called my cousin today and spoke to her about Lent. I playfully shamed her for not going to get her ashes. But other than that she is planning not to eat red meat at all for 40 days, and is going to limit the amount of fish she eats per week. I’m still there thinking “what the heck is she going to eat?” But I’m proud of her. I pray for everyone to achieve their goals for Lent. Something I’ve been asking people about is something they are doing for lent, rather than what they are giving up. Because Lent is still a time of giving.

So what are you doing for Lent? Charity? Service? Self reflection?

Share in the comments!

Thxoxoxoxo, H


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