Lent Log: Day 4

All I can think is that it’s almost Friday! Today’s morning at home before class was more difficult then the past couple days. This might be a little tmi but the whole purpose of this Log is to relay my experience to you! Usually I have coffee in the morning before I go to class. what I’ve realized my body relies on the coffee as a sort of probiotic, at least to preform the same duties as a probiotic. To be blunt, I haven’t gone to the restroom as much as when I wasn’t fasting. So this morning I decided to take an antibiotic pill on an empty stomach. Which apparently is ok, and I’m going to continue to do so long as I remember to hahaha.

After class ended at 10am I had some time before noon. So I went to the library and caught up on social media, since I was studying all day yesterday. Then at noon I met my friend for lunch at Einstein Bagels. We got coupons at the library yesterday so we end tot use them today. I got the farmhouse bagel, which was amazing, and their coffee is good too. But I finally saw the footage and details about the school shooting in Florida, and it’s already affected me.

Something different happened at volunteering today. I volunteer at a public high school next to campus, as a mentor for upperclassmen while they work on their capstone projects, which are based somewhat in CS. The new thing is us mentors wear our collegeID on a lanyards so that it was visible. I’m not complaining about it, on the contrary. It seems like schools are becoming aware of the safety, especially because of the recent school shooting. I just never occurred to me how fast something that happened States away could affect our daily lives here in Ohio.

A company that makes bullet proof backpacks had an increased website visitors by 500% after the shooting.

Hopefully this raises awareness about safety, but shouldn’t scare people into living in fear. This reminds us that we can’t take granted of what we have. We should be grateful and what to become great with others by our side.

I called my fourth friend about Lent tonight. He and I share a similar upbringing. He also holds many positions with the youth at church. For lent he is doing something that many people do, which is to swear less. This may seem rudimentary but is truly difficult for those who are used to it. He’s also hoping to stay more true to his word and hold himself more accountable for his actions. He wants to work on pulling through with what he says he will do. If he sets a meeting to be on a certain date he wants to do all he can to actually be there as he said he would.

This is commitment, and showing commitment generates trust. It’s great when people realize they haven’t been reliable. And even better when they want to make the effort to be better.

It’s simple to give something up for Lent, but think about giving something back during Lent as well. Do something for others. Be there for your friends, take on a task or service together.

Thxoxoxoxo, H


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