Lent Log: Days 5-8

My lent log entry for the weekend and Monday the 19th.This weekend flew by. Probably because I was so busy with a regional youth retreat my church was hosting. Me and several members from the young adult group volunteered to help with the youth retreat from Friday to Sunday. Over the course of the weekend I barely slept 10 hours. It was all so worth it, and since then I am still recovering from the emotional, and physical drain of the weekend.

On Friday I fasted and didn’t eat meat. I had plans for lunch at Panera, but the person I was meeting didn’t show up on time, and ended up canceling on me. At this point it was 1pm and hadn’t eaten yet. I went out of my way to change my schedule and cut on my studies to go to this lunch. It was so disappointing to be canceled on. But, a couple of my friends and I went to a Crepe breakfast place instead! It’s a cute place that has a lot of character. There was only one lady working there and yet she had everything under control! People were coming in for lunch, and she (single handed) took orders and made the crepes. They were delicious, I got a farmhouse crepe that had tomatoes basil cheese and eggs, and a dessert crepe that had peaches and cream.

That day for my Lent Call, I spoke to a friend who is an undergrad student at the school I’m attending for my masters. She is doing some traditional Maronite Lent things like not eating meat on Fridays. She didn’t “give up” anything because she doesn’t think that it’s very sacrificial to do so. In her case, she would rather sacrifice her time to give back to others. So, she is planning to do more community service. Something she is also doing, which I was so happy to hear, is to journal everyday! Specifically she is writing about her lent journey, similar to what I’m doing here! Even when she is dead tired by the end of the day, she pushes herself to write a couple sentences,

“I’m tired today and don’t feel like writing much so goodnight.”

This effort is better than nothing! I applaud her, it’s better than I have been with my Lent Log everyday. Hahahaha.

Saturday was a tough day in terms of fasting. I had only slept 4.5 hours the night before and it was affecting my mood. But, I did realize this and just stayed a bit reserved in the morning until I ate, so that I wouldn’t accidentally offend anyone with a snarky comment or unintentional sass. I felt so bad this day because I was walking past the snack table at church, and the volunteers had just set up all the snacks for when the kids finish their morning activity. This was around 10:40 am, and I mindlessly go over to the cookies, grab one and take a bite out of one! I immediately thought, crap I just broke fast! My mom was volunteering as well and standing behind the table when I ate the cookie, I offered it to her and told her to finish it because I wasn’t going to! But she refused, and then I asked my brother and he also refused, so I ended up throwing it away. Which in turn made me feel extra wasteful!

That day I had my Lent Call in person, with a friend I had called several days before but didn’t answer at the time. It’s hard for me to remember what he said now because I haven’t gotten much sleep but none the less from what I remember he is had not really thought about what he was doing for Lent. The typical things like giving up favorite food and no meat on Fridays. After talking for a bit, and telling him what I had been doing for Lent, he was inspired to do a little more. So I hope he sticks to his word, and I’ll probably chat with him in the next week to see how he’s been doing.

On Sunday I went to mass and then said goodbye to the youth who came for the retreat and my friends that came with them as advisors. Then afterwards a nun, who is a dear friend of mine, Sister T, who came for the retreat had planned to have a talk with the young adults about Lectio Devina. There were 13 of us. I was a lovely event, everyone participated and got a lot of advice about different forms of prayer.

Later that night I went with my brothers and my friends to see the Black Panther. It was an awesome movie. The graphics where amazing and the development of the characters was well shown and provided in depth. There was one scene before the movie started and two after the movie ended. I would tell you but that would spoil the best part! My favorite character was the sister of the main character. She is the tech wiz who creates all the technology for the soldiers and her brother, the king. She is blunt and spunky and confident. Yet she has passion for helping her people although it seems like she doesn’t respect tradition. There were a couple jump scares in the movie, and the fighting scenes were really intense. You couldn’t predict what would happen next!

Monday I went back to class. The fun of the weekend was over 😦 After class I went to morning mass and afterwards had brunch with Abouna and Sr. T and then had some tea before I took her the airport. After which I went home for about an hour and took a well needed nap. I’m normally not a nap person, but I think naps are growing on me.

Then at 5 I left to go volunteer at Matthew 25 Ministries with the other young adults from church. We were assigned to go through over stock items from Francescas and sort them depending on what they were. We sorted through clothes, shoes, jewelry and household decor items. It was lots of fun! There were many other groups there as well; a girl scout group, church youth group and a family! It was so refreshing seeing people have fun giving back to the community by donating their time to help a greater cause.

After we finished at 7pm, I went with two of my friends to have dinner. And we ended up talking and catching up for about 3 hours! We don’t normally hang out, but recently we’ve been seeing each other more often. They are making the effort to be good friends, and it really touched me to talk to them and them listen and reciprocate. On the way home I made my Lent Call to a friend who is Math major and wants to teach math to middle schoolers. She is giving up carbs for lent! That is extremely difficult, and I am so proud that she has been doing well and getting a lot out of her sacrifice, not only physically, but spiritually as well. Usually she gives up meat for all 40 days of Lent. But this year she had already gone on a diet before lent that was protein based, and it was working very well for her so she didn’t want that to change, so she gave up carbs instead. She’s been liking it so far, and isn’t finding it as difficult as she anticipated.

I gave up meat on Monday just because. I was inspired by Sr. T because she wasn’t eating meat that day, so I figured I would do the same. And you know what? At dinner later that day around 7 with my two friends, I got there early with one of them and told her that I wanted to order a Falafel Wrap because I wasn’t eating meat that day, and she decided she wasn’t going to eat meat either! She hadn’t had any meat that day just by chance, and thought why not finish the day not having meat. I was really humbled that I inspired her to do so. I hope you all experience that feeling that you are making a difference in other people’s lives no matter how small or large the impact.

How was your weekend? Did you fast?

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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