Lent Log: Day 28

Yes, I know I haven’t actually logged my Lent calls every day. But the call I had today was with an extra special friend I hold dear. She is a constantly blazing flame and never lets anything dim her mood unless they really piss her off. Even then she stands her ground and speaks her mind no matter who is listening.

She’s known what I’ve been doing for Lent. In fact she has her own blog, and is probably going to read this right after I click “Publish”. She texted me this morning to tell me that she rocked her Chemistry exam that she believed didn’t go well. Of course, I knew she was going to rock it. She works so hard and is always tough on herself. That’s what keeps her in tune. On the occasion I do have to remind her of her accomplishments and convince her not to be so hard on herself. That she has a wonderful life where the sky is the limit of her capabilities. As long as she grounds herself in her goals but staying true to her faith and family, nothing can stop her.

So, back to the text this morning. Right after I got it, I called her. I congratulated her and praised her efforts because she deserves loyalty and support! She’s pretty much like a sister to me. I feel for her when she’s down and I do my best to lift her up. She decides whether to accept my praise or not, and that’s great because that shows she’s independent. She knows I’ll always be there for her.

She asks me if she was my Lent call of the day. Honestly, I hadn’t even thought of it at that point. It was 10 am and I had just woken up. Of course I figured she is the perfect person to have a conversation with to start off my day. Since she already knows what I’m doing for Lent, she asked for some updates and proceeded to tell me what she had been doing.

I was really moved to hear that she had fasted as well as she could for about a week. I asked her why she tried, and she said she just wanted to give it a try, I’d like to think that I inspired her a little! She realized that it didn’t hone her spirituality as much as it would for others because she didn’t find it as humbling. Sure it’s difficult to fast, but she didn’t want to treat Lent as an excuse to go on a “diet” per say. She concluded that she’d rather do something that is more fulfilling for her.

A goal that she already had been doing for Lent was being kind to her parents, especially her mother. Making this effort has affected the way she treats other people as well! It’s made an overall positive impact on her life. I hope she intends to adapt it to her life beyond Lent. She’s been able to cope with bad days while at work and school, and communicate with others while they’ve had particularly bad days.

Her schedule is a chaotic mix of school, work, volunteering at several places, while also being an active parishioner. Many of you, I believe, are in similar boats. Just know that your success is worth every stress, tear, doubt, cheer, and smile that you’ve endured because you are one of a kind. Your uniqueness is what makes the world fun, interesting, and worth the effort. So, don’t beat yourself up. You are consistently upgrading yourself to the latest and greatest version of you. Own it!

Thxoxoxoxo, H


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