Weekend in Columbus

Here’s to my first experience using Airbnb.

My friend and I wanted to go on a trip together for fun. We didn’t want to go anywhere far so we decided to visit some friends of mine in Columbus. After trying to find a hotel for the weekend and getting really turned off by the prices, I remembered the wonderful existence of Airbnb.

The impulse for me to book a place to stay was fulled by one of my New Year’s Resolutions; to push myself outside my comfort zone and just do things! Of course this doesn’t include making stupid and rash decisions. But if it is an experience that I could grown from in a positive and impacting way, than I tell myself, why the hell not?!

That was precisely the motto of my weekend in Columbus. I hadn’t gone shopping in a while, and I had just booked an interview with a company I really wanted to work with. My friend that I went with has a really taste in clothes, and she had been wanted to go boutique shopping since going to Washington D.C. together. Here’s the places we shopped:

  • Zara
  • Loft
  • Tigertree
    • Great store! They also have a rewards program!


  • Rowe Boutique
  • Happy Go lucky Her
  • Clover on High
    • I got a super cute plaid coat from here and I’ve gotten complements on it every time I wear it 🙂


  • Glean
    • One of my favorite new stores! I got a charcoal and rose soap bar from here and I love it! My friends an I got matching bracelets from here as well. @gleanstuffreawakened on Insta!


“encourage your hopes not your fears”

  • Easton
    • Of course I had to go to Easton! It’s a fun outdoor shopping center with famous and expensive brands. This is where Zara is. Although it was pouring rain, we still got a ton of shopping done!


I got way too many clothes from Zara. But I was so excited and relieved to find a suit there that was perfect for my interview. It was a simple weekend where I got to bond with a relatively new friend and rekindle with old ones. The Airbnb we stayed at was so cute. It was at the home of a young couple who love to travel. They have a spare bedroom and living room in their basement. Their home is a “diamond” catch on Airbnb, which really reassured me when I was searching for the perfect place to stay. After the trip I left them an awesome review and they commented that my friend and I were very nice and quiet. I was so relived to hear that because I’d never want to be a nuisance, and my friends and I are generally very loud.

Even though I hear a lot of negative things about Airbnb, I think it’s a super inexpensive option to go accomplish your traveling goals. This isn’t an ad, I’m always honest with you because I want to be as true of a person to you as I strive to be to myself. Expenses are expenses, but those can be lessened by taking action! Travel with friends, stock up on miles and coupons, and travel to places depending on what time of the year it is best to visit them, this way you can get the most out of your trip. Don’t go to Iceland when the Northern Lights aren’t out, nor go to Qatar in the dead heat of summer.

Anyways, I look forward to going to Columbus again. Not only because it has the nearest Zara to me, but because it’s a simple way for me to get out of town and take a realistic break from reality.

What weekend trips have you been on? Have you used Airbnb before?

Thxoxoxoxo, H


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